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Mobilgrease XTC is an extra high performance product designed for use in high speed coupling applications. It is manufactured with a selected high viscosity mineral base oil and an extremely effective, heavy-duty additive package. Mobilgrease XTC is formulated to provide low bleed as well as high temperature stability, properties critical to modern coupling lubrication and protection. While the base oil provides excellent elastohydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) film protection properties, the additive package enhances the extreme pressure (EP) / anti-wear protection, rust and corrosion performance and the high temperature stability of this leading edge product. Mobilgrease XTC also incorporates proprietary formulation stability to outperform best-in-class low bleed coupling greases with respect to high temperature stability in high shear conditions. Mobilgrease XTC is an NLGI No. 1 lithium soap-base product. ExxonMobil research scientists formulated Mobilgrease XTC to meet or exceed the requirements of modern high-speed gear and grid design couplings including the AGMA CG-2 and CG-1 specifications. This grease has shown excellent performance and protection in a wide variety of coupling applications covering a broad range of industries. Based on its outstanding performance, this grease has become the product of choice for many coupling users. Mobilgrease XTC fully meets the performance requirements of major coupling manufacturers.

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