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Exxon RONEX MP is a premium quality multipurpose grease that can be used in a wide range of automotive and industrial applications. RONEX MP consists of a mineral oil base fluid thickened with a lithium complex soap thickener, and contains performance-enhancing additives. RONEX MP grease has excellent performance over a wide temperature range, and provides moderate load carrying and extreme pressure properties. In addition it is resistant to water, and provides protection against corrosion. The grease has good oxidation and thermal stability. RONEX MP is compatible with most elastomer seal materials. RONEX MP is an NLGI Grade 2 grease. RONEX MP grease may be used in industrial applications in bearings, gears and couplings that require the use of water resistant, extreme pressure grease. It may also be used in electric motors of the NEMA insulation Class A and B types. RONEX MP is an excellent all round automotive grease, it can be used as a chassis grease for extended lubrication intervals, as well as a wheel bearing grease. The high thermal stability of the grease means that it is ideally suited to wheel bearings of disc brake vehicles, where high temperatures are generated during severe braking. RONEX MP can also be used as a lubricant for ball joints, as it provides good protection from wear, low torque, and protection against water contamination. RONEX MP meets the NLGI GC-LB requirements for wheel bearings and chassis lubrication. RONEX MP has become the grease of choice for many users, especially those with multiple grease applications.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12.500 × 12.500 × 5 in


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