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Mobilgrease XHP 005 and 220 are softer, high-temperature greases recommended by ExxonMobil for centralized grease application systems, gear lubrication, and where extreme-cold-temperature pumpability is important. The Mobilgrease XHP family of products was specifically designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of heavy-duty applications and operating conditions. They provide balanced load-carrying capability across a spectrum of loads, speeds and temperatures. Through cutting-edge, proprietary, lithium-complex manufacturing technology, they provide excellent high-temperature performance with superb adhesion, structural stability and resistance to water contamination. The Mobilgrease XHP brand has gained a worldwide reputation for innovation and excellent performance and is backed by our global technical support staff. Helps assure proper lubrication and protection even in the most severe water exposure conditions Excellent grease tenacity, helps reduce leakage and extend re-lubrication intervals for reduced maintenance requirements. Protection of lubricated parts even in hostile aqueous environments. Helps extend grease life and enhance bearing protection in high temperature applications helping to reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Reliable protection of lubricated equipment, even under conditions of high sliding with potential for extended equipment life and reduced unanticipated downtime Provides potential for inventory rationalization and reduced inventory costs.

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